Workplace environments are rapidly changing and adapting as the old mentality of career-ladder climbing ways of the past has shifted to the current workforce of millennials, who aren’t all driven by higher salaries and promotions. This new workforce of millennials seek satisfaction of various kinds, including a meaningful job where they can learn new skills.

As a recent survey from Udemy for Business found that millennials are likelier to leave their jobs out of boredom, engagement is a key ingredient for productive outcomes. However, many corporations have yet to implement a structure that fully engages millennials. Companies that have low engagement are holding on to an outdated motivational structure that has a negative effect on many millennials.

Organizations are also trying to reinforce a sense of community and loyalty through branding and integrating their own culture and values within the workplace. Color palettes, furniture, environmental graphics and build narratives all contribute.

Millennials want high-energy workspaces.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Use shapes and symbols to create specific environments.

Interior design is not just for the home. The decor of every environment has an impact on people, from their mood to their level of inspiration. An interior decorator would craft a beautiful theme throughout a residence to create a specific feel, and you should craft your office to similar effect.

You have the power to craft specific, individual environments for various rooms around your company space. This design element can be achieved through various forms of film application products. Paint is no longer the only option to create different colors and designs from room to room. Add textures to the wall, such as custom-designed vinyl wallcoverings. Create custom graphic films or colored films that can be applied throughout office fronts, conference rooms, huddle rooms, and more! Create an interactive artwork that can be utilized by employees throughout various spaces.

Have your graphic artist come up with a design that represents the main theme of your branding or the particular space you are wanting to make unique to its environment. Turn that image into a 3D pinmounted sign with backlighting to bring depth and purpose to the room.

2. Use colors that increase productivity and efficiency.

By selecting and combining certain colors that are dominant throughout your graphics, you can influence employee behavior.  Research has shown that blue colors affect your mind; yellow your emotions; red your body; and green your ‘balance’. Here’s a more in-depth look at what some of the more popular colors do to your employees.

  • Red: This color is bright and agitating. It can increase heart rate and interest, so use it sparingly. Red can draw attention to items you really want people to notice. It’s also useful when physical activity is required.
  • Yellow: Sunny and bright, this color enhances creativity and energy, so it’s perfect for offices where you have programmers, writers or designers working.
  • Blue: A custom mural with plenty of blue in it will promote tranquility and focus in your office. It also pairs very well with green in nature murals.
  • Green: Easy on the eyes, this nature-inspired tone is calming. It’s best used in areas where employees are seated for long periods of time and need to stay efficient and awake.

A great custom film and wall graphic mural will combine these colors to create the perfect mix for your office space and incorporate images to inspire your staff. Forget the boring, neutral walls or open clear glass that so many workplaces sport. Boost morale and production with custom film and wall graphic murals. Depending on how the material selected and application, you can even transform a film to not only add design, but include functionality that acts as writable markerboards.

3. Think outside the box of traditional color and materials.

Texture and color have become the way for a workplace to introduce a playful side. Incorporating a variety of textures materials and patterns create a look that’s cohesive, visually interesting and engaging. Professionals can set apart interior designs and transform any surface with vinyl films and surface finishes. These self-adhesive films can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces, providing the creative freedom to bring interior designs to life.

From wood to metals and natural stones, natural elements can be replicated indoors to create a unique visual experience. With over 800 surface finishes to choose from, 3M Di-Noc architectural finishes offer it all at prices to suit any budget.

As office design continues to evolve, the most important aspect is that the design reflects the individual company, there is no one size fits all solution.

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