Reimaging Design with Custom Architectural Products.

TGT Group understands the importance time and accessibility play in your commercial renovation project.

TGT Group is proud to be teaming up with the leading manufacturing vendors who are leading the charge by developing a new way of thinking within the design and construction industry – one that promotes sustainability and eliminates the wasteful and expensive “demo and replace” construction cycle commonly seen in commercial renovations. Our wide variety of 3M™ DI-NOC™ and Belbien™ Architectural Finishes architectural film products are designed to model natural resources such as fine wood, stone, metal, leather, and so much more!

Unlike any other wallcovering products, architectural film solutions offer innovative design and function solutions. A self-adhesive vinyl film with over 500 finishes, it is commonly applied to doors, elevators, wall panels, columns, fixtures, casework and healthcare workstations. Architectural Films can be used on solid and non-porous surfaces including aluminum, melamine boards, high pressure laminates and other metal surfaces.


Architectural Films are LEED positive because of the sustainability that it provides to existing projects, limiting rebuilding and demolition waste. It is an environmentally conscious alternative to wood, stone and leather. Since our products do not contain wood, stone or leather, we are not taking away from the environment. Architectural Films help reduce landfill waste by minimizing discarded millwork components. They can be installed and repaired on-site, minimizing downtime for both interior and exterior applications.

  • All Architectural Film products are ASTM E-84 Class A fire rated.
  • All Architectural Film products are stain and solvent/chemical resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Mold, Colorfast, Washable, Scrubable,
  • All Architectural Film products are Abrasion Resistant, Cold Crack resistant, Heat Aging Resistant, High Humidity resistant.
  • All Architectural Film products can be installed with ZERO downtime. (No need to close stores / restaurants / offices / hospitals while renovating), AND it is washable and repairable when damaged, saving enormous replacement costs (i.e. cabinets, bank teller counters, etc.).


In addition to the benefits above, one of our most important benefits is that all of TGT Group’s architectural finish films come with a manufacturer´s warranty of 3 years on material and a TGT Group warranty of 3 years on workmanship.

These films also include a lifespan of 12 years on commercial projects. There are hundreds of choices to choose from that match any Formica or Wilsonart laminate product, and are highly competitive and cost efficient to PLAM installations.

Contact one of our architectural film experts’ to learn more about architectural film benefits. If you are looking for quality products and service, TGT Group offers commercial architectural finish films in Houston and surrounding cities. We will work with you to recommend you the best options and assist you the entire process.



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