Best way to brand your business? Printed Graphics & Signage!

Custom Printed Graphic Films are the perfect application for any surface you choose. Add a unique accent piece for a wall in your lobby or reception area. Create beautiful wall or glass panels to improve your office navigation. Make your stairs pop out. Improve any space décor with a touch of color and design.

Using only the top film products on the market, we can use the latest graphic & signage technology that allows us to print, cut or computer plot products to achieve stunning results. Our wide variety of material choices enables you to create graphics that promote your organization. From new retrofits to stock patterns, we have products that are ideal for bringing in a design element to any space. We use the best film and vinyl products available to help you create your image on glass. We can also custom-create any color based on Pantone or CMYK colors.

Your sign is your first impression when clients walk into your office and informs them an understanding of your craftsmanship and quality. However, taking your sign package from a design concept to a physical reality can often take months as you navigate the necessary approvals, obtain permits, and address unknown site conditions. With decades of combined experience, TGT offers its customers a dedicated, detail-oriented project management team that seamlessly manages every detail of a customer’s sign program to final installation.

We make it simple to change styles and designs to bring out the designer in you! 

Enjoy a new look to promote your business and brand! Printed graphics and signage are the perfect applications for storefronts, conference rooms, reception areas, retail environments, inside of exterior facing windows, glass partitions, cubicles, and more. Wherever your imagination and creativity takes you, we’ll help!

Our printed graphics and signage are resilient and sleek. At TGT Group, we create, customize, print and apply many different elaborate images using unique shades and material to your office space. Any graphics you can imagine, we can apply. All of TGT’s Printed Graphics and Signage are made in-house and are applied by our professional team of trained installers. From start to finish, we provide our clients with award-winning customer service.

Additionally, printed graphics and signage can come any shade, texture or image arrangement you desire. Frosted films are also available and add a level of privacy to any room. Perforated One-Way Vinyl Films are also Ideal for glass windows and many other applications requiring graphics on one side and a clear, unobstructed view through the other. We use the thickest and most durable perforated film currently used in the industry with two different hole sizes — standard view and super view for interior and exterior viewing.


Did you know?

TGT Group offers turn-key service by helping you design, create, and install custom printed graphics and signage for your next project!

Our Accreditation includes:

  • Carrying liability insurance 
  • Create custom in-house products with only top-quality materials
  • Partner Network of Certified Installers
  • Commitment to follow proper Graphic and Signage Installation procedures
  • Material & Workmanship Warranties on EVERY Job
Whether you’re constructing a new building, remodeling an existing space, or sprucing up your office to incorporate attractive, energy efficient upgrades, TGT Group will get the job done.Beginning to End.


TGT Group provides high quality window film and interior finish services nationwide. We pride ourselves on the quality service and attention we provide on each project to our valued clients. Protect your windows today with our solar film, enhance the look of your windows with custom printed graphics, or update an existing space with architectural film for doors, walls, elevators, and more! Whatever the reason, TGT’s options are endless. Contact us or give us a call today.

di-noc architectural finishes in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
di-noc architectural finishes for businesses in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
link to gallery of di-noc architectural finish projects in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX


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