Vinyl wall graphics can transform any space into a much more comfortable & exciting environment!

Wall graphics are the newest and most innovative way to express creativity on walls. This state of the art technology uses proprietary methods of printing that pervades a chosen film and provides a unique appearance and finish. Wall graphics can also help brand your retail or office space and extend your message to your visitors and employees. We ensure every design and install is completed using the highest quality vinyl and materials along with our expert installers to create a custom finished product.

Texas Glass Tint offer turnkey service by helping you along the way with design, print, and installation. All wall graphics film installations include a sales consultation, material samples and brochures and a free no obligation estimate. In many instances, wall graphics film will require both a field measure and conceptual renderings to illustrate the desired ascetic. The design process fees will be absorbed within the estimate per square foot price unless otherwise specified. All wall graphics film installed by Texas Glass Tint comes standard with a manufacturer’s and installation warranty.

For over 30 years, we have been setting a standard for wall graphics throughout Texas, providing our clients with exceptional service and high-quality products. Since we’re still independently and family-owned, we have the flexibility to offer products – and terms – that help satisfy our customer’s needs.


Create beautiful wall graphics for interiors and exteriors with several different materials.

The most common material is a pressure-sensitive adhesive backed vinyl that comes in clear, white, and many more colors. It’s important to choose the right material based on the wall type, paint, and texture and our installation experts are there to make sure everything is selected and applied smoothly. Custom graphics are digitally printed using either our latex, eco-solvent, or UV printers. By digitally printing the graphics, we can use vibrant, full color photos and images in the wall graphics. Our installation team makes sure all wall surfaces are properly prepped and then apply the wall graphics in panels to reveal a beautiful piece of artwork.

Custom Die-Cut Graphics and Lettering

For graphics, images, or lettering that does not cover an entire wall, we typically contour and cut the vinyl to allow the color of the wall to be the background. This will allow your graphics to really pop against a beautiful backdrop! 

Exterior Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can even be applied to exterior walls and flooring with textured surfaces such as concrete, brick or stucco. A special high performance vinyl is needed and the installation uses a heat gun to conform the vinyl to the textured surface. The end result is a graphic that appears to be painted on and is sure to make an impact!

Add privacy and design to your office!

Architectural Films are another great source to use as wall graphics – these material allow us to print on them, and come in a variety of stock fine-woods, wood grains, metallics, solid colors, and more! We can also print on any 3M or Oracal Vinyl product for walls that offers a variety of color options which can also be applied to any glass or metal substrate.

Your source for wall graphics in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, TX.

If you are looking for quality products and service, Texas Glass Tint offers wall graphics for projects all over Texas. Let one of our product experts’ work with you to recommend the best options and assist you the entire process. We work around your schedule and business hours to assure a worry-free experience. Reap all the benefits of window tints and give us a call today!

commercial window tinting in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
window tinting for businesses in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX

Examples of Commercial Wall Graphics


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