Energy costs represent 30% of a typical building’s annual budget. Are you ready to reduce it with solar control film?


For over 30 years, we have been setting a standard for solar control films in Texas providing our clients with exceptional service and high-quality films. All back with manufacturer warranty. Making your building energy efficient is very easy thanks to our broad assortment of solar control film options to fit your needs.

Solar Control film, or otherwise known as heat, sun, or glare control films, are the smart decision to reduce your energy costs. They are designed to reject solar heat, UV rays, and reduce glare without losing the sunlight. So, what are the benefits of commercial solar control films? 

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Energy savings as high as 15% with solar control film

Are you tired of rising energy bills in the summertime? Consider solar film – a protective window film that can block up to 96% of any incoming heat. Excessive heat drives up air conditioning costs. When you install solar film, you’ll be protecting your windows from excessive moisture, heat, and withstand weather conditions.

Eliminate 99% of the UV rays

TGT Group carry window films that provide 99% UV protection against interior fading on wood floors, expensive furnishings, paintings, etc. Our recommended solar films are also safe for double-pane glass and help lower utility costs.

Get closer to your LEED Certification

Our Energy Star® rated films save on green by decreasing carbon emissions, lowering your energy costs, and improving aesthetics. All this can help your building qualify for up to 9 points in the LEED Certification.

Save money and protect investments with sun control window films.

TGT Group selection of solar control window films deliver up to 7 times the energy efficiency per dollar invested. Avoid costly replacement of new windows, all with a quick, non-disruptive installation.

Keep 70% of visible light improving productivity

Our solar control window films allow maximum daylight maintaining a more comfortable and productive work environment by reducing glare. Curtains and blinds can create a claustrophobic space when closed and still increase your bill for artificial lighting. Commercial solar control window films let the light in without the glare, destructive UV rays, or the heat while giving your office the view you are paying for.

Whether you’re constructing a new building, remodeling an existing space, or sprucing up your office to incorporate attractive, energy efficient upgrades, TGT Group will get the job done. Beginning to End.

TGT Group provides high quality window film and interior finish services nationwide. We pride ourselves on the quality service and attention we provide on each project to our valued clients. Protect your windows today with our solar film, enhance the look of your windows with custom printed graphics, or update an existing space with architectural film for doors, walls, elevators, and more!


Whatever the reason, TGT’s options are endless. Contact us or give us a call today.


commercial solar control film in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
solar control film for businesses in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
solar control film for businesses in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
link to gallery of commercial solar film projects in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX


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